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Portable Security Alarm Systems
...2-Way wireless security...  Portable burglar alarm system... The most versitiel invisible alarm on the market...
Arms & Disarms with key fobs
Self contained power supply
Strobe light
Extended Battery Life less charging
Weather resistant system
Invisible to thief when place in a container
Night time camping for some is a scary time when you try to sleep.  Fear of intrusion from animals or strangers is masked by the dark.  Your security is harder to address and this system will alert you before any animal or intruder has the chance to harm you or your family.  Early warning from the siren and strobe flash will confuse and cause intruder or animal to exit the site.  more...
Once the systems is armed it will operate silently throughout the night to protect from animals and intruders.  If zone is violated the siren will sound and the strobe light will light up the camp site.  This will scare away most any intruder as well as animals.  The strobe light will allow you to take a quick over look of the camp site. 
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000ft range with optional extended 1 mile range available on selected model.  No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
No matter what type of camping you are into, campsafe  can secure the site.  Pop-up, tent, RV stand to be safer with the campsafe l securing the site.  A locked door on the RV is not impossible to break or pick.  Set the campsafel inside the main door and arm it when you are away.  A thief might have seen you leave but cannot be sure when the unit starts blasting the siren.  Pop-up camping is a no brainer.  The design is limited when security is addressed.  Thin light weight material invites entry from several angles.  Place on just outside when it is time to sleep.  Any movement in the 400 sq.ft. perimeter on the outside will cause it to trigger. Giving you advanced warning. Worse case it will scare off any intruders. 
You will find more than one use for this versatile alarm around the camp site.  Keeping the family safe from intruders be animal or human is well worth the cost for the system.  This is steal armor's least expensive unit, but no compromise was taken in its manufacture.  State of the art electronics, advanced perimeter sensor, and of course a well know Igloo cooler.
Camping with CAMPSAFE  Ready to retire and place outside.
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